My network is your opportunity.

ADKL LLC will connect your organization at all levels of government.   If your need is to strengthen relationships between government and your business opportunities, my network makes that happen.

This network includes:

  • Elected and appointed public officials in federal, state, county, and local government.
  • Regional business leaders
  • Energy companies
  • Health care companies
  • Manufacturers
  • IT companies
  • Trade associations and schools
  • Non profit organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Contractors and real estate developers

My network was developed over the past twenty five years serving in a number of public and private sector roles.   Most recently, I staffed the Governor in his Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional office.  This included meeting with community leaders on a daily basis and advancing regional projects.

Previously, I served as an Executive Assistant to the Pennsylvania State Senate Majority Whip, as the Government Affairs Director for a local real estate trade association, and in the Government Affairs Department of the largest Western Pennsylvania health care provider.