Robert Johnson is the President of ADKL, LLC.

Mr. Johnson has more than twenty five years of service in public sector roles. Most recently, he served the Pennsylvania Governor in his Southwest Regional Office.  Robert met with community leaders on a regular basis and participated in significant economic development projects.   Prior to serving in the Governor’s Office, Robert worked for the American Cancer Society in both fundraising and government relations roles.  While employed as a Government Relations professional for the University of Pittsburgh Health System, his responsibilities included reviewing, analyzing, and tracking legislative and regulatory initiatives at the state and local level impacting health care delivery, training, and research.

Mr. Johnson has developed and implemented an internal review procedure clarifying and prioritizing public policy issues.  He has advised public officials and senior level corporate executives on existing and proposed legislative and regulatory initiatives and prepared position papers and briefs on selected legislative issues and is experienced in meeting with policy makers to advocate for public policy changes.

During his service in the Governor’s office, Robert tracked energy policy, particularly, in the Marcellus and Utica. He follows land use and zoning in PA, OH, KY, and WV.

Robert Johnson has worked on the following public policy issues which have become law in Pennsylvania and North Carolina:

  • Act 89 of 2013 – comprehensive Pennsylvania transportation funding legislation
  • Act 13 of 2012  – comprehensive legislation regulating natural gas industry in Pennsylvania
  • Adoption of tort reform and medical liability reform in Pennsylvania
  • Adoption of a higher cigarette excise tax in North Carolina
  • Passage of the Master Settlement Agreement spending tobacco funds in Pennsylvania

Fundraising accomplishments include the following:

  • Assisting organizations in securing RACP and other public grant funding for organizations
  • Recruiting sponsorships and building corporate relationships
  • Implementing new fundraising activities for nonprofit entities

In previous roles, Robert was the Executive Assistant to the Pennsylvania State Senate Majority Whip and Government Affairs Director for a regional real estate trade association.  Robert works with local companies, municipalities, and nonprofits to identify funding opportunities for projects and programs.  He has extensive experience working with local government in terms of zoning, municipal planning, and environmental issues.

Robert can be reached at 412-848-5900 or via email at